The music scene is so much broader than just what’s on the radio.

My husband has a job which involves a lot of repetitious action, and to help along with that he listens pandora radio as he works. His favorite station is the swing station because as we’ve discussed we’re both secretly 95 years old, and he’ll send me songs periodically that are basically balm for the soul. Seriously, you know that one lotion that you got for Christmas from your rich aunt that smells like sunshine and babies and when you put it on your skin it’s nice and cool and smooth, and then afterwards you get into bed and your scratchy sheets feel like silk because you’re so damn moisturized? This song is like that, for your soul.

Other times he’ll send me songs that kind of break my brain, like this one by a guy who combines rap and swing and showtunes and indie and I don’t even know. He kind of just got up one day and was like, “you know what, I’m just going to be my spectacular self.”

And then even other times he sends me songs by robots. And the robots sing better than I ever could so dude I am so ready to welcome them into society. Robots are welcome in any world that I’m a part of because of these kinds of artistic contributions.

I’ve not got some overly philosophical conclusion to draw out of this, I just wanted to spread some joy in your life.