I wrote a thing that ended up in a place!

I will have a proper fourth of july post up later (once I’ve actually had a chance to attend fourth of july) but for now I must implore you to follow the link! I write about Jesus and stuff!

Burden Or Blessing?


Moms 2 Moms

This is going to be long and sappy. You should probably close the page right now.

Since going on my leave I’ve been thinking about ways to fill my time, while also keeping in mind that I left work for a reason and shouldn’t sign up for too much. One of the things I never had time for while working was church commitments. I could sign up for Wednesday classes or bringing food on Sunday before service, but I had no way of guaranteeing I would be there any given week. I might make it the first two weeks, and then have a solid month where my boss scheduled me crazy hours and I just couldn’t manage. And that wasn’t fair to anyone there, so after a few valiant tries I sort of gave up on having much of a presence in the church outside of Sunday service and small group.

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