Vegan! For good this time.

I tried to put off blogging again until I had something other than veganism to talk about. That clearly is not going to happen so I apologize but this is going to be a blog about that for a while. Yup.

So, in the time between my last post about veganism and now it has become a permanent change. I move fast apparently. What happened was I was doing research into how to go about this diet healthfully. I learned a lot about omega 3 fats and omega 6 fats, about protein and B12, and about the different kinds of proteins we take in from animal to vegetable. It’s all very good info, and I’m coming to believe that a more plant based diet is a healthy and beneficial diet.

As the research went on though I was exposed more to the ethical side of it. And I was reminded that when I quit my vegetarianism years ago it was not for a very good reason. Put shortly, it was for a boy. I never stopped believing the things I used to I just put up a wall around them in order to bolster a high school relationship which ended up blowing up anyway.

So I’m vegan again. Permanently, or at least that’s the plan. And it’s been going so much better than it did last time, mostly because I am much more educated about the facets of nutrition and am more in control of what food I have on hand as an adult than I was as a teenager.

It’s been an interesting transition. But it’s been good, and aside from family visits where milk couldn’t be avoided (David’s birthday, wasn’t about to pitch a fit) I’ve held fast. After watching Earthlings it’s hard to even have milk without feeling an immense amount of guilt.