On moving…

I have told every single person who would listen these past two months that I am moving to my hometown, and nothing is going to stop me, neener neener neener. I’m about to eat those words.

I really do want to move, I miss Kirkland and I miss all the people out there who I have seldom gotten the chance to see. It would save us a ton on gas, which would enable us to get a bigger apartment and have a bit more space and maybe even a small office for me. But after a lot of whining and moaning about it, we need to take care of our responsibilities first. Because of our ordeal in March we owe quite a few doctors a chunk of change (first the hospital sends a bill, then the office within the hospital, then each individual doctor, and after a while it just feels sarcastic) and we want to get all accounts settled before we start looking at places and dropping deposits left and right.

Since we’re on the verge of summer, we’re just going to stick it out until mid to late August, and then we will be in the market for a new apartment again. I don’t think I’ll complain that much about getting to spend the summer by the lake, though.

Yes, this is a real lake, and it is five minutes from my house. North Bend is very kind to its residents in the summer.


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