Result of the doctor’s visit…

It was very uneventful, which was actually the biggest relief. I’m happy to once again be an uneventful patient. They did take some blood because I’ve been feeling faint, but anemia can take 3 months to recover from, and I did lose a lot of blood. Haven’t gotten a call back about that yet, hoping it’s good.

The doctor suggested 3 months minimum before getting pregnant again because of the anemia and just general letting my body get back to normal. She also said that it might be wise to wait longer to make sure we’re emotionally okay. I’m not sure I’ll ever be 100% okay and I hate to just tread water until I am, so I dunno. I do know we want more kids, and I do know we have a few things to sort out like our car and apartment change before that kind of decision can be made.


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